Fair Use policy

Fair Use policy is an aspect that legally provides permission for using copyrighted resources for particular purposes. Our site provides all the required services for improving your experience in the academic field. However, the materials that are provided by us are not delivered to you with the intent of replacing your own process of proceeding with academic works. We provide services with the aid of discovering and using your own knowledge, talent as well as ideas.


Plagiarism is the malpractice of copying some existing material and in academic field, one should not attempt that. Model answers for essays, dissertation works, and assignments are not provided by us with the intent of such malpractice. Academic aspirers must provide their own study materials using their ideas and they can utilise our material for gaining knowledge in preparation of academic materials. An academic aspirer must provide absolutely original material for their study purposes in order to avoid plagiarism.

We are highly passionate and respective towards educational field and we want every pursuer to gain most from the knowledge provided in University/College education. Utilise our study materials for having greater understanding of subjects in a detailed manner and it will also help in your revision during examinations. It would be providing disservice to you if any kind of malpractices or plagiarism work is submitted by you using our materials. This is highly against the guidelines of plagiarism. Also, for an academic aspirer, this kind of act might create limitation in acquiring appropriate knowledge for any subject.

How to use your Model Answers

Using the materials that we provide to students for preparing model answers, ways of answering any question becomes clear. It is not the only way of writing any answer, but it will guide you to develop your own thoughts for preparing answers in your own way. Indeed, an entirely different form of answer can be prepared by you other the ones prepared by researcher, but using our model answers you will learn to prepare strong points in the initial phase of starting an answer. Thus, it will help you in forming answers entirely in your own way. Some steps, mentioned in the following part, will help you in preparing answers by your own:

  • By going through the model answers, you will understand the whole process of answering to the questions in a prominent way.
  • By reading each line and paragraph in a careful way, you can prepare brief notes with subtle understanding for your further study.
  • Using the notes that you have prepared, develop your own reasons and ideas for a subject.
  • Identify the sources that researchers have used for preparing model answers and use some relevant materials for creating your own answers.
  • Next comes the most important part, go through the answers that you have prepared and ensure that no kind of plagiarism in your work should exist.
  • Now your answers are ready to be submitted in the respective study centres.

For some students, it may be tempting for submitting their work as their own however we do not endorse that as it is strictly against the terms and conditions of our policies. Instead, we intend to present our model answers as your helping hand and improve your writing along with improving your subject knowledge.